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one year ago - 11/11/2017

Brest again without point against German side

Like in their previous VELUX EHF Champions League home match, against THW Kiel, Meshkov Brest were unlucky against a German opponent. After the 30:28 defeat to Flensburg on Saturday they stay on five points, while SG remain among Veszprém's hunters.

  • Third Flensburg win against Brest in three matches

  • Brest’s Petar Djordjic nets three times against his former team

  • Top scorers were Wanne (seven for Flensburg) and Stojkovic (six for Brest)


HC Meshkov Brest (BLR) vs SG Flensburg-Handewitt (GER) 28:30 (15:16)

It was a deja-vu for Meshkov Brest. At the same time a week ago, the players of head coach Sergej Bebeshko left the court in the Victorija Arena with their heads down.

Like then against Kiel, they now fought hard against Flensburg but did not earn a point against a German side on home court again.

The 30:28 meant that Flensburg avoided another away draw like at Kiel and Kielce.

"We grabbed two important points," Flensburg coach Maik Machulla said. "It was indeed a game of critical importance to us. I guess we have done an amazing job and achieved the result we aimed for."

The visitors had constantly been ahead in the first half with 13:9 the biggest margin the German side could gain. But thanks to their improving defence and goalkeeping, Brest reduced the gap to only one goal at the break (16:15).

And they turned the tide in the second half when they went ahead at 19:18, for the first and only time in the match.

Flensburg worked hard for an early decision and seemed to be on the winners’ way when the score was 27:24.

But boosted by their fans, Meshkov stroke back and levelled at 28:28.

However, Flensburg laughed last as top scorer Hampus Wanne and Lasse Svan scored the final goals of a thrilling match – as thrilling as both Last 16 encounters in the previous season when SG won twice.

"We played against a top team with multiple strong players in their roster. So I wouldn't blame anyone for the defeat," Brest coach Sergei Bebeshko said.

Brest left back Alexander Shkurinskiy added that "the match was thrilling and fascinating."

"We had some bad luck in defence. In the end we allowed some easy turnovers. This, basically, resulted in the eventual defeat."

Author: Björn Pazen / ew