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10 months ago - 7/30/2019

A legend’s farewell and a new golden generation

The latest ‘Last week in the VELUX EHF Champions League’ features heroes of the past, stars for the future and plenty of men putting in the hard work right now. Here we go.

THW Kiel heroes past and present gathered at the Sparkassen Arena to say farewell and “Danke Alfred” as legendary coach Alfred Gislason was honoured for his remarkable 11-year spell with an entertaining and memorable evening last weekend.

France’s under 21 team won the Junior World Championship on Sunday, their third international title in four years, with a 28:23 victory over Croatia.

The talented French squad featured six players from VELUX EHF Champions League clubs PSG and Montpellier, including two players who made the all-star team – Dylan Nahi (PSG) and Kyllian Villeminot (Montpellier).



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While four of PSG’s young stars were winning gold, the rest of the squad began training. Their latest video shows newcomers Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson, Kamil Syprzak and Vincent Gerard in action.

Kielce’s pre-season is also underway and they sure found an interesting way to welcome VELUX EHF FINAL4 2019 MVP Igor Karacic to the team.

From one Cologne MVP to another, Montpellier’s Diego Simonet is among a number of VELUX EHF Champions League players gearing up for the summer’s biggest senior international competition – the Pan American Games, which begins for the men on Wednesday. Simonet’s Argentina and Brazil are the favourites to contest for the title in Peru and claim the one Olympic Games spot on offer.

After a lengthy absence with injury, Konstantin Igropulo returns to top flight action this season with Plock and a video from the 2010/11 season has reminded all of us what he is capable of. More of the same this season please, Tino.

Author: Chris O'Reilly