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10 months ago - 4/4/2019

EHF media correspondents submit All-star Team nominations 

With the fan vote for the Women’s EHF Champions League 2018/19 All-star Team opening on Monday, the final round of nominations have been made by EHF media correspondents from across Europe. It will be the sixth time fans have the chance to vote to decide the season’s All-star Team, which will be announced at the DELO WOMEN’S EHF FINAL4 in Budapest on May 11 and 12. 

After the nominations from 14 of the 16 coaches of the teams that contested the group phase were published a little over a week ago, two more rounds of nominations have been completed. This season, for the first time, major stakeholders Women Forum Club Handball (WFCH) and All-star Team presenting sponsor Delo Group had the chance to make 10 nominations – one in each position, as well as best defender, best young player and coach. 

The nominations will be completed with the announcement of the EHF submission, which will round out the list to a total of 50 names. 

EHF media correspondents’ nominations for Women’s EHF Champions League 2018/19 All-star Team:

Goalkeeper: Laura Glauser (Metz Handball)
Left wing: Nadine Schatzl (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria)
Left back: Emilie Hegh Arntzen (Vipers Kristiansand)
Centre back: Nycke Groot (Györi Audi ETO KC)
Line player: Sladana Pop-Lazic (Brest Bretagne Handball)
Right back: Lamprini Tsakalou (RK Krim Mercator)
Right wing: Malin Aune (Vipers Kristiansand)
Defender: Eduarda Amorim Taleska (Györi Audi ETO KC)
Young player: Orlane Kanor (Metz Handball)
Coach: Gabor Danyi (Györi Audi ETO KC)

Now, just one submission is needed to complete the list of nominations ready for the fan vote. Below is the current list, with the nominations split by group.  

Position Coaches WFCH Delo Group  EHF media correspondents
Goalkeeper Katrine Lunde (Vipers Kristiansand) Amandine Leynaud (Györi Audi ETO KC) Blanka Biro (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria) Laura Glauser (Metz Handball)
Left wing Manon Houette (Metz Handball) Majda Mehmedovic (CSM Bucuresti) Itana Grbic (Buducnost) Nadine Schatzl (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria)
Left back Anne Mette Hansen (Györi Audi ETO KC) Djurdjina Jaukovic (Buducnost) Tjasa Stanko (RK Krim Mercator) Emilie Hegh Arntzen (Vipers Kristiansand)
Centre back Stine Oftedal (Györi Audi ETO KC) Grace Zaadi (Metz Handball) Nerea Pena (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria) Nycke Groot (Györi Audi ETO KC)
Right back Anna Vyakhireva (Rostov-Don) Ana Gros (Brest Bretagne Handball) Mette Tranborg (Odense Handbold) Lamprini Tsakalou (RK Krim Mercator)
Right wing Jovanka Radicevic (CSM Bucuresti) Laura Flippes (Metz Handball) Iuliia Managarova  (Rostov-Don) Malin Aune (Vipers Kristiansand)
Line player Crina Pintea (Györi Audi ETO KC) Kseniya Makeeva (Rostov-Don) Beatrice Edwige (Metz Handball) Sladana Pop-Lazic (Brest Bretagne Handball)
Defender Kelly Dulfer (Kobenhavn Handbold) Xenia Smits (Metz Handball) Anna Sen (Rostov-Don) Eduarda Amorim Taleska (Györi Audi ETO KC)
Young player Noemi Hafra (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria) Henny Ella Reistad (Vipers Kristiansand) Katrin Klujber (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria) Orlane Kanor (Metz Handball)
Coach Emmanuel Mayonnade (Metz Handball) Gábor Elek (FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria) Ambros Martin (Rostov-Don) Gabor Danyi (Györi Audi ETO KC)


Author: Courtney Gahan