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LAST WEEK IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: From quizzes to hard training, and the Olympics are in full swing, we bring you the last week’s action in the Champions League

Champions League stars in good spirits as the summer days near end

Among the biggest talking points of the previous article was the PSG's mountain bike routine. Well, for those of you aware of the rigorous training regiment top handball players endure, it is way more than just a ride. The PSG stars took an uphill climb, just to get along with another routine; squats, runs and perhaps even more.

Last week the French clubs posted a video revealing more details of their mountain biking activity, and in case you want to shape up for the new season in a way young PSG stars are doing, here is your chance.

While PSG are are out in the open, their last season’s VELUX EHF Champions League final counterparts THW Kiel are still in the gym. Such is the difference between the two teams and the requirements of their respective domestic competitions. However, be under no illusion either team is giving anything less than 100 per cent this pre-season.

Kiel stars like to play games, and this one is certainly a very interesting one. Grab a cone before your partner does, or do your share of push-ups if you come empty handed. Here’s one you don’t want to play against the nimble Kiel players.

The Olympic quiz

PSG were the most active of all the VELUX EHF Champions League sides in terms of social media last week.

And particularly interesting was the Olympic quiz where French handball stars Luc Abalo and Daniel Narcisse, were joined by the Brazilian footballing duo Lucas Moura and Thiago Silva.

In the end, it was quicker Abalo/Lucas tandem who took the victory in a dominant fashion, however, with Narcisse/Silva disapproving of some of their answers. Enjoy.

Estavana’s photo session

After reading through our picks of the last week’s action, did you notice something missing? Yes, the women’s touch.

So, as the Netherlands cruise to the Olympic Games semi-final, crushing the host nation, Brazil’s dreams with the 32:23 win, Estavana Polman was the centre of attention. The left back was happy to take photos with the fans in Rio, as much as we were happy to look at them.



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