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GROUP A REVIEW: Telekom Veszprém work hard to record a home win against THW Kiel with the two points decided only in the dying minutes.

Veszprém win thriller against Kiel

A goal from Momir Ilic with one minute and 22 seconds left, making it 21:19 for Telekom Veszprém, decided the match in Veszprém Arena as left wing Raul Santos missed the final attempt for THW Kiel.

However, the crucial goal and miss happened only after an intense and thrilling match, which Kiel managed to keep close throughout the second half after trailing by three at the break.

•    Veszprém record their eighth win in 15 European cup matches against Kiel. This clash has never once ended in a draw
•    Former Veszprém player Marko Vujin seemed to feel good at his old home ground, scoring seven goals for Kiel
•    Together with FC Barcelona Lassa, Veszprém are the only undefeated team in the group

Telekom Veszprém (HUN) vs THW Kiel (GER) 21:19 (13:10)

Veszprém were the dominant team from the start, leading 3:0 then 10:5, helped by the brilliant right side of their attack with Gabor Ancsin on the back and Gasper Marguc on the wing.


But, thanks partly to an improving performance from Niklas Landin in goal, Kiel came back with four successive goals and reduced the deficit to 9:10.

Veszprém made the most a run of Kiel mistakes as the half-time buzzer drew near to increase their lead to three goals again by the break.

"We did not start so well, and our young players had the first game in this incredible arena so it was hard," said Landin. "It is the beginning of the season and they will have more experience throughout the season. Our defence was good but the counter attacks decided the game."

Futile Kiel comeback

Kiel had a better start to the second half, and 10 minutes and 51 seconds after the break, Marko Vujin equalised for the first time in the match at 15:15.

Again Veszprém pulled three goals in front at 18:15 and 19:16, but Kiel were hot on their heels and the home side were far from comfortably in the lead. It was not until Ilic took the score to 21:19 one minute and 22 seconds before the final buzzer that the two points seemed to be decided.

Kiel made a last effort, playing seven-against-six in the last minute, but when Santos missed the shot from left wing with 22 seconds remaining it was game over for Kiel and Veszprém could celebrate yet another home win.

TEXT: Peter Bruun / cg

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